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Our Mission

At What Does Meanings, our mission is to uncover and share the profound depths of symbolism embedded in every facet of human culture. We strive to provide our readers with not just information, but a deeper understanding of how symbols and meanings shape our world, influence our perceptions, and connect us across time and space.

Who We Are

We are a passionate team of researchers, writers, and enthusiasts dedicated to the exploration of linguistic and symbolic meanings. Our team spans across continents, each bringing a unique perspective enriched by their cultural backgrounds and specialist knowledge in areas ranging from linguistics to anthropology, and from history to esoteric studies.

What We Do

We delve into the rich tapestry of symbols that define and describe human existence:

  • Cultural and Historical Symbols: From the runes of the Norse to the intricate tattoos of Polynesia, we explore the historical contexts and cultural significance of symbols that have guided and defined societies throughout history.
  • Spiritual and Esoteric Meanings: We unravel the mysteries behind spiritual symbols and practices, from ancient crystal healing to modern tarot interpretations.
  • Symbolism in Nature and Animals: Our content highlights how nature and animal symbolism plays a pivotal role in mythologies and daily life across different cultures.
  • Artistic and Decorative Symbols: We interpret the meanings behind artistic expressions, whether they are found in ancient mandalas or modern tattoos.
  • Modern Symbols and Signs: From the practical to the digital world, we decode the symbols that populate our everyday lives, such as dashboard indicators and tech device icons.
  • Linguistic Features and Figurative Language: We break down how language itself carries layers of meaning beyond the literal through idioms and figurative speech.
  • Numerology and Astrology: We provide insights into how numbers and celestial bodies are believed to influence human affairs and convey mystical insights.

Why We Do It

We believe that understanding symbols enriches human communication and fosters a deeper appreciation of our diverse histories and shared futures. Each symbol tells a story, and by sharing these stories, we connect people to their past, present, and potential futures.

How We Serve You

  • Educational Resources: Comprehensive guides, articles, and infographics that serve both the casually curious and the academically serious.
  • Interactive Tools: Features like symbol decoders, meaning calculators, and printable guides that help you engage with content and apply knowledge.
  • Community Engagement: We host forums and comment sections where experts and enthusiasts can debate, discuss, and deepen understanding of complex topics.

Join Our Journey

Whether you’re a lifelong learner, a professional educator, or simply someone enchanted by the power of symbols, join us at What Does Meanings. Let’s explore the deeper meanings of everything together.


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